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Welcome all, we are very excited for the 2015 pumpkin season !!

We have updated the web site and invoice ! Be sure to mouse over or click on the pictures for a description, click upon the name again for a bigger picture !

Pumpkin Pyle is already working hard to prepare for this fall and to make this a great season for our customers !!

We are hoping to start our first shipments by the the 8th to 12th of September. The 2015 invoice is updated and online, please contact us for the password.

E-mail us your 2015 order or fax it as soon as possible. Also, please send us your updated information...Name, Address, Work and Cell Phone Numbers.

Thanks very much for your business,
The Pyle's
Robert, Paula, Jason, and Lindsey

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— Robert Louis Stevenson


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Be on the lookout for new and exciting items each season!

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I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion

— Henry David Thoreau

Fiberglass Pumpkins

The fiberglass pumpkins in the Produce and Decor section are created by our incredibly talented local artist, Adam Soto. They make truly wonderful and unique decorations that can help your business or function stand out amongst the crowd.

4 Foot 3D Fiberglass Pumpkins are made to come in a half shell wall mount or a whole pumpkin. Half shell can be easily installed with your choosing of screws or anchor bolts, with prefabricated stainless steel brackets. These are bonded with fiberglass into the pumpkin shell. The whole pumpkin can be placed just about anywhere. Whole pumpkins are at least 90 pounds and are structurally reinforced to handle weight.

These one of a kind pumpkins can be custom painted, including graphic art design to your wildest imagination. Please give us the challenge to create a masterpiece that one only you can imagine.

We are now accepting orders for the fall season.

Please call Adam Soto for information.

Adam Soto Cell: 806-685-3305 Email:

$1600 4ft Whole Pumpkin - $499 Vines and Leaves - $650 Wall Mount Pumpkin

$2860 Pumpkin Car - $600 Small Pumpkin

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— Will Rogers

Trucking Contact List

Trucking Contact List

    John Leatherman
    (Cell) 806-543-4018
    2 trucks available 48' or 53' trailers

    Tim Lipham
    (Cell) 806-983-7084
    4 trucks available 48' or 53' trailers

    Robert Floyd Sue Trucking, Inc.
    (Toll Free) 1-800-213-5318 or 806-634-5579
    53' vented or reefer trailers
    48' trailer holds 44 bins double stacked
    53' trailer holds 48 to 52 bins double stacked

    Pimco Transportation - Rudolfo Esquivel
    (Office) 806-983-4478

    Trucking Brokers List

    Total Quality Logistics - Casey Hatcher
    (Toll Free) 1-800-580-3101 x57779
    (Office) 859-200-8140 (Cell) (email)

    Dallas Freight - Scott King
    (Toll Free) 1-800-323-5441 x1198

    Integrity Express Logistics - Josh Sowder
    (Office) 937-483-4086 (Cell) 513-364-8385

    Home Team Freight Brokers - Chad Griffin
    (Office) 770-883-7691

    United Vision Logistics
    (Office) 573-442-8571

    Reed Transport Services, Inc. - Carlos
    (Cell) 813-699-8392
    (Office) 813-655-9500 x351 (Toll Free) 1-800-606-4471

    Freight All Kinds, Inc. - Ken Martin
    (Office) 888-321-7182 x117 (Cell) 517-927-4483

    Route Transportation and Logistics, Inc. - Jason White
    (Office) 877-241-7607 ext.170

    England Logistics, Inc. - Andy Christensen
    (Office) 801-656-4684 Sheri Covin (Office) 928-710-27

    D&L Transport - John Botts
    (Office) 330-406-3831 Cell (616-446-0897)

    Truckalocity - Jesse Brown
    (Office) 830-995-2209

    Barefoot Express - Rod Brethower
    (Office) 800-454-9035

    Overland Express - Zino Dadboub
    (Office) 513-528-1158 x4125

    Bear's Tire and Service - Chris Gillen
    (Cell) 214-830-0833

    TDLogistix - Bobby McCraw
    (Office) 972-452-3830

    Vast Express - Aaron Weaver
    (Office) 347-676-0349

    Legion Logistics LLC - Bradon Mason
    (Office) 859-384-1726 x7024

    Allen Lund Company - Greg Baker
    (Office) 1-800-991-5863

    Echo Global Logistics - Brittany Titteringtion
    (Office) 214-710-3728

    Nava Trans Inc. - James Brian Stump
    (Office) 912-713-7540

    Nolan Transportation Group - Steve Mclsaac
    (Office) 616-977-5740

    EFS/Trade Wind Express - Nick Hamilton
    (Office) 419-342-4994

    Pathmark Transportation - Herron Yarbrough

    Lane Ag - Tyler Lane
    (Office) 806-681-3646

    PLS Logistics - James Newhart

    Micro Logistics, LLC / BSG Resources Inc.
    (Office)682-472-0199 (Office)817-466-8938

    NFL Trucking - Erik Anderson

    Hot Shot Specialist - Chris Lee
    Shane Derryberry - Driver
    (Contact) 806-241-7179

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work

— Thomas Edison


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